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The Universal Business Computing Company's (UBCC) professional accounting write-up and payroll software provides you with the ultimate in productivity and flexibility. You save both time and money and gain accuracy.

Our truly Multi User (multiple operators can be doing the same or different tasks in the same client at the same time) Real Time (almost no updates needed) software allows you to see the results of what you just did immediately. This vastly reduces errors and allows for reruns of reports without going to backup data files.

We are designed to scale from single user to up to 10,000 concurrent users.

UBCC is the only software that brings you fully integrated best of breed Payroll (live and after the fact), Write-up and Bank Reconciliation.

In addition to the unparalleled power of our payroll service bureau and accounting writeup software, UBCC offers a level of customer support, within the client accounting and write-up services industry, that is second to none.

Why Us?

We understand that there are lots of accounting software and it can be easy to make the false presumption that it is all the same. We have kept our payroll, client accounting, & write-up software well ahead of our competition for over 40 years, through dedication to constant improvements and listening to our clients.

We design our software with the ability to constantly enhance it. UBCC has made the transitions from Mini-Computers to Novell Networks, to Windows and to the Cloud without having to re-develop everything to move to another platform. We are still using some source code from over 40 years ago!

We are the best and we can show you why.

Ken Garen

Company Founded
UBCC has an amazing number of built-in tools that facilitate extreme productivity allowing you to use the best tool for the task that you want to do.
• Supports heads down and point and click data entry.
• Both imports and exports via CSV almost all our stored data and data from other sources.
• Has a built-in spreadsheet like Report Generators for all of our applications
• Has a Batch Queuing capability that allows for storing tasks for future use such as fully automated printing, creating PDF’s and automatically emailing to clients and third parties and printing 941’s for all clients in just a few seconds.
• Can transform data by changing the primary control number such as account, employee, Other Pay, etc. numbers (along with the underlying data).
Includes all relevant prior data in new historical reports.
• Allows the sharing of report settings for some or all clients.
• Many, many more…
"Doing business with Ken Garen has been an excellent experience. He does what he says he will do. His company has met and exceeded our expectations as a payroll service bureau. Doing business with UBCC is an excellent idea!"


""In 1989, we bought a Comprehensive Accounting practice as a way to grow our firm. Today, we have seven employees and provide income tax, Write Up, payroll, and auditing services. Our client base is diverse, ranging from small mom-and-pop type businesses to multi-state organizations with 300 employees."



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