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Universal Business Computing Company (UBCC) provides you with Payroll software and Accounting solutions to help you save both time and money. Our fully-integrated, real-time modules let you customize a multi-user, task-oriented accounting system that keeps your financial management data as current as the last transaction and as accessible as the stroke of a key.

UBCC designs our software around three key points...Productivity, Flexibility and Portability which combine to create Profitability.

UBCC has without modification run successfully on day one of all new versions of Microsoft operating systems.
UBCC’s open system standards allow easy import and/or export of data, in user definable order.

You can change the data structure to conform to current reality...renumber GL Accounts, Employees, Vendors, Customers, etc. with all of the underlying data changing instantly as well. This allows for easy adaptation when circumstances change, such as launching a new product line, starting a new location, etc..

Reports are easy to create, use and customize. Apply globally, to one client, or a group of clients.
UBCC's Productivity is legendary. UBCC's Client Write-up System combines a unique blend of advanced software features. It is a combination of General Ledger and After the Fact Journal, Checks & Payroll Accounting and Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Payroll system. We have bookkeepers who have processed over 100 monthly Write-Up Clients per month in less than a 40 hour work week. UBCC’s Payroll can fully process a 20 person payroll in less than 60 seconds. UBCC can import over 1000 payroll time entries and have them ready to print checks in less than 5 minutes. License just what you need now and add any of the optional modules when you need them. Grow from a basic accounting or payroll system to a fully robust Write-up, PSB, PEO, or in-house accounting system that will rival any name in the business.
Move to or from any 32 or 64 Bit Windows®, Linux, Unix or even IBM Z90® series Mainframe.
Programs, Data Files, Full printer Control, Operator Profiles and even Keystrokes transfer "as is". When moving between similar operating systems, just copy it over and run! When moving to a different OS, there is no conversion just a new runtime. Move to the Cloud just by copying UBCC and the Data up. Worried about internet outages? Copy your Backup file to any PC and run it. This allows you to be instantly productive in whatever environment.
Portability is the most important long term criterion for selecting software.
Multi-User - Multiple Operators not just in the software at the same time but in the same data file at the same time.
Real Time - The information that was just entered a nanosecond ago is instantly available everywhere within the application without the need for any updates or batch processes.
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Flexibility that's ahead of its time ensures your system will never be behind the times
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General Ledger
Bank Reconciliation
Unified Payroll
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Inventory Management
Job Management
Order Billing
Overall Standards
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Integrated with UBCC Payroll, Payables and Bank Reconciliation
• After the fact payroll uses the same file structure as live payroll
• 5 Years of Summary Totals: Debits, Credits and Budgets for Financial Statement
• Full Control of Horizontal & Vertical in Financial Statements
• Share Financial Statement and Report Generators among clients
• Allows renumbering of Accounts including all historical information
• Allows data entry onto four previous years with automatic closing into retained earnings
• Stores future accounting period entries and future year entries
• Up to a 9 digit account number with Prefixing or Suffixing of Locations/Divisions
• Up to 99 User-Defined Journals for Streamlined Data Entry and Control
• 12 or 13 Accounting Periods per Year
• 12 Month Side by Side Comparative Statements Including Budgets
• 5 Year Side by Side Comparative Statements
• Fully Integrated Performance Graphics
• Autofill Descriptions During Data Entry with Automatic Capture for 1099 totals
• Data Import from QuickBooks and Almost All Other Software via CSV
• Automatic Description Table for Super-Fast Entries
• Remembers and increments last check number
• Fully integrated with After the Fact payroll entry
• Automatic Upper and Lower Case Conversion During Data Entry or Import
• Integrates with Lacerte®, Ultra Tax®, CCH®, Drake® & Pro Series® Tax Return Preparation Software
• Fully integrated Report Generator
• Handles automatic recurring or reversing debits and credits easily.
• Prompts automatically for amounts when account and description remain constant
• Automatic proration by department and/or location
• Fully automatic partnership/shareholder allocations
• Allows You to Check Data Entry interactively and immediately, with balance proofing
• Permits you to establish a fully user-defined complete audit trail
• Allows creation of new accounts "on the fly"
• Can start a new client by copying a template or any client ID
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization.
• Integrated with UBCC Payroll, Payables and General Ledger
• Allows renumbering of Accounts including all historical information
• Up to 999,999 Bank Accounts per Client
• Import Cleared Checks and Bank Entries in a flash
• Easily correct entries into the wrong bank account
• Clear Checks on a Number Range Basis or One by One
• Clear Bank Entries on a Date Range, Individual or Default Basis
• Future Checks and Entries do not Affect the Current Bank Reconciliation
• Very Easy to "Unclear" a Check or Bank Entry
• Easy Entry of Electronic (ACH) Payments
• Bank Entries Can be Set to Automatically Clear
• Easy Handling of Void Checks
• Data Import from QuickBooks and Almost All Other Software via CSV
• Many more
Allows for Standardization and Customization
• Ture Payroll Service Bureau (ACO) and PEO capable
• Plain Toner Laser MICR Check Generation on blank check stock
• Delivery of pay stubs by email and or with the check
• Can automatically email reports and checks to the client
• Client Portal
• Unlimited History
• Multi-year Federal and State tax controls
• Multiple pay periods supported in a single client ID
• Supports automatic EFTPS and State tax payments
• Can combine multiple clients into a single EFT transmission file
• Pay as you go Workers Compensation capable with multiple SIC codes for each employee
• ACH Payments supported for both Direct Deposit and Child Support
• Supports Multiple Bank Accounts (up to 999,999)
• Electronic Federal W2, W3, 941, 940 1099 filing and also most states
• Prints Prior Year’s W2, W3, 1099's and 4th Quarter tax forms while still processing current year checks
• Can pay employee’s in as many states as they work in each payroll period
• Supports combined reporting of multiple client ID’s into one FEIN for tax filing
• Supports impounding of client fees and gross to net
• Highly flexible automatic billing generator
• Supports recalculation of most employer overheads (ex. State U/C rate changes)
• Can start a new client by copying a template or any client ID
• Recurring Entries
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Plain Toner Laser MICR Check Generation on blank check stock
• Can pay via ACH
• Fully Integrated with Bank Reconciliation & General Ledger
• Cash or Accrual Basis Posting to General Ledger
• 1099 and 1096 electronic and/or paper
• Invoice Import via CSV
• Easy Handling of Void Checks
• Ability to easily select invoices to pay by vendor
• Fully Integrated with Bank Reconciliation & General Ledger
• Cash or Accrual Basis Posting to General Ledger
• Can pay checks from other than the assigned bank account
• Cash Requirements Report
• Aged Payables at a Past Date Report
• General Ledger Distribution Report
• Ability to put individual Invoices or Vendors on Hold
• Automatic pay date assignment
• Automatic Discount Tracking
• Letter Writer Interface
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Balance Forward or Open Item
• Up to 99 Billing Periods Per Year
• Repetitive Billing Generator
• Forever History
• Import invoices, cash receipts, new customers etc. via CSV
• Laser Generated Plain Toner MICR Bank Drafts or ACH Payments
• Sales Analysis
• Track by Sales Representative, Product Line, Department
• eStatements™ (Automatic Emailing of Statements)
• Alternate Key File Structure for File Maintenance & Printing
• Practice Management Reports
• Letter Writer Interface
• Finance Charge Generator
• Customer Ledger Detail
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Multi-Year
• Fully Integrated with General Ledger
• Supports All Legal Depreciation Methods
• Multi-Year Laser Generated 4562
• Federal, State, Book and 9 Alternate Schedules
• Different Default Methods for Each Schedule
• Automatic Recalculation if 4th Quarter Exceeds Threshold
• User Defined Fields for Easy Asset Management
• Posts to General Ledger on a Monthly Reconcile to Full Year Totals Basis so that the General Ledger Automatically Has the Correct Totals in it.
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Full Real-Time Perpetual Inventory
• Multi Location
• Choice of True FIFO, LIFO, True Average Costing and Others
• Fully Integrated with Order Billing, Accounts Receivable and Purchase Orders
• Supports Use of Bar Coding
• Tracks Cost of Sales
• Monitors Overstocks
• Stock Depletion Warnings
• Track Serial Numbers
• Tacks Lead Time by Vendor
• Allows for Reserved Stock
• Automatic Conversion of Receiving Units to Stock Units
• Twelve or Thirteen Annual Periods
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Fully integrated with Payroll and Accounts Payable
• Tracks by Job, Phase & Category
• Certified Payroll
• Automatic Payroll Burden Distributions
• Tracks Specific Costs, Estimates, Billings, Receipts, or Change Orders by Individual Jobs, Phases or Categories
• Create "Models" to Create New Jobs, Eliminate Individual Job setup for Similar Jobs
• Post Job Cost Billing, Retainage, and Receipts for Each Job, Phase or Category
• Stores Data (Cost/Units/Billings, etc.) as Current, Year-to-Date, and Job-to-date
• User Definable Reports
• Many more
Allows For Standardization and Customization
• Multi Location
• Fully Integrated with Inventory Management and Accounts Receivable
• Supports Use of Bar Coding
• Real Time Credit Limit Checks
• Laser Generated Invoices
• Laser Generated Picking Tickets
• Supports Products or Services
• Track Serial Numbers
• Allows for the Use of Sophisticated Pricing Families
• Up to Five Levels of Sales Tax Per State
• Point of Sale or Back Room Entry
• Automatic Multiple Ship to Locations for Each Customer
• Allows for Quotes
• Automatic Conversion of Receiving Units to Stock Units
• Twelve or Thirteen Annual Periods
• Automatic Pricing and Discounting Based on Quantities and Customer Class
• Automatic Costing, Markups, Markdowns, and Gross Margin Analysis
• Many more

Overall Standards
• Real-Time
• Multi-User
• Multi-Company
• Can Automatically create a PDF for every paper print job
• Extensive Printer Controls from one Windows set-up
• Full laser printer & PDF support for ALL applications including 3 hole offset, full duplex, tray selection, portrait or landscape, auto bold, compressed print, and more....
• Queuing and batch processing of queued jobs
• Automatically send PDF and/or CSV files to Third Parties
• Spooled print job manager
• Operator Profile -- Choose Menu Style, Implied Decimal, Etc.
• Full security system with automatic time log
• Easy modem access for you and/ or your clients
• Fast and sharable report generators for all applications
• Many more
UBCC's accounting software offers business software solutions suitable to the daily operations of all organizations.
Whether you have an accounting practice, Payroll Service Bureau, PEO, or doing your own in-house accounting, UBCC has all of the modules to deliver last week's sales, today's inventory or five-year comparative with the up-to-the-second information you need to run your business day-to-day or to forecast your future direction. Unlike the repetitive posting requirements of less powerful systems, all data is on line in real-time -- literally a keystroke or two away.
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