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Payroll Professionals, LLC
"Doing business with Ken Garen has been an excellent experience. He does what he says he will do. His company has met and exceeded our expectations as a payroll service bureau. Doing business with UBCC is an excellent idea!

UBCC is very well organized in many productivity aspects including file storage, tax payment tracking, and batch queues which translate into great productivity benefits for my business. As a solo practitioner, you would be well-advised to demo their software, it is the most productive, powerful and flexible software I have ever used.

UBCC's level of support, updates, and forethought in software design has enabled me to say YES to every request I've ever received from a client. I have never known software like UBCC's, one that can do a direct deposit to 9 different bank accounts for 1 employee."
Chuck Barreto
Accurate Payroll Solutions, Inc.
Tampa, FL
"UBCC has always been on the cutting-edge of technology. I believe UBCC software development is user-driven, rather than company driven. UBCC is unique because they listen to users and really consider implementing our requests. There are several enhancement ideas I have given to UBCC that they have actually implemented - their response to any request has always been positive and welcoming. UBCC has given me all the technology I need to be competitive."
Jaye Quimby, CPA
Lombardozzi, Moses,
Quimby & Co., P.C
Rockford, IL
"In 1989, we bought a Comprehensive Accounting practice as a way to grow our firm. Today, we have seven employees and provide income tax, Write Up, payroll, and auditing services. Our client base is diverse, ranging from small mom-and-pop type businesses to multi-state organizations with 300 employees.

When we expanded our accounting practice, we needed software that 1) made conversion easy for our newly acquired business clientele, 2) ensured scalability to serve a vastly diverse client base, and 3) interfaced with our income tax software. UBCC met - and continues to meet - all of these needs, and we have been very satisfied with their technology.

We have been courted by other software providers over the years, but for good reason, we are not going to change. UBCC software has served us well, and our team understands the logic of UBCC software. The logic of UBCC is transferrable to all UBCC modules - once you understand the logic of one module, other modules can be easily mastered by applying the same logic."

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